Hire Friday: A different take on the “Follow Friday” trend

Here’s a list, which will be updated throughout the day, with journalists looking for social media/journalism related work

I’ve decided to do something a bit different for “Follow Friday,” the once-a-week trend on Twitter where microbloggers throw out suggestions of other microbloggers for their microblogging followers to follow (that sentence makes sense, I swear it does).

It’s a pretty turbulent time to be a journalist right now. There seems to be a story every week about news organizations making cutbacks to their staff. And if you’re a college student graduating this year, good luck finding a gig that isn’t freelance, part-time or at Patch (and sometimes, even those are hard to come by).

In mid-2010, a friend of mine was let go from her job as a web producer for a television station in Phoenix. A bit ahead of her time in her social strategy, she had taken a risk on Twitter that the station didn’t like. It took her nine six months before she found some semi-permanent work in Los Angeles.

It took me eight when I was let go from Sacramento’s FOX station a short time afterward.

The whole “being fired from a job you love for being just a bit too daring” was one of the most-humbling experiences of my life. Living on my own in Sacramento on $1,000 a month meant making some difficult decisions sometimes: Do I keep the cable bill going for another month so I can continue to aggregate on Twitter and Tumblr? What about the iPhone bill? Doing so would mean foregoing palatable dinners for canned green beans and Ramen noodles instead (thank God I had my grandmother’s house to escape to on occasion for better food).

But the situation also put me in a really good position — one I wouldn’t begin to appreciate until I found work again. With all the time in the world (save a few hours a day filling out job applications), I could dedicate my entire focus to practicing journalism my way. The beats I chose to cover and the stories I decided to write — one of which was nominated for an award — caught the attention of some pretty big, influential journalists and brands on Twitter and Tumblr, including journalists from NBC News, ABC News, The Guardian, BBC, Reuters, the Associated Press, NPR, the New York Times, The Week Magazine and others (I would later go on to work for an ABC affiliate before landing here at Reuters).

Now it’s time to give back.

Today, I’ll be promoting colleagues and acquaintances on Twitter who are looking for journalism-related work. I’m hoping the platform that made me and my work visible, fueling my later success, will help make a few other people visible who are doing some incredible work while they’re in college or on their off-time. They’re connected, they’re trailblazers and they’re risk-takers. They’re looking for someone to give them a chance. Like me, their ultimate goal is to have their work recognized by a company in the form of a paycheck.

Follow me on Twitter throughout the day for my Follow Friday recommendations. If you have any work for these talented journalists, please reach out to them.


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  • davemorris

    Good for you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1305994077 Margo Rose

    Thank you for writing about the HireFriday HFChat community.  As the Founder and CEO of this thriving and passionate social media movement, I am gratified that you find value in what we offer, and how we help candidates connect.